Effective 01/01/2019

Regular Riding Lessons

Adult = 16+
Child = 7-16yo

Introductory Lesson $65.00

Group Hour
Adult - $45.00
Child - $35.00

Private Lesson
Adult - $85.00
Child - $75.00

Private 1/2 Hour $55.00

Semi-Private Lesson (2 in class) $55.00

Trail Ride
Adult - $45.00
Child - $35.00

Practice $20.00

Young = <7yo

Pony Ride $25.00
Private 1/2 Hour $45.00
Group 1/2 Hour $30.00

Horse Shows

Horse Shows on Rivendell Ponies:
(includes shipping/coaching. *Entry fees are additional.)
Leadline or One Walk-Trot $45.00
One or More Divisions $100.00 (plus entries)

Coaching on Own Pony $65.00
Local Shipping (within 15 miles) $65.00


Local Shipping (within 15 miles) $60.00
Distance Shipping $1.30 per loaded mile

The only cost at Rivendell Jumper shows is the per-class entry fee. These shows are held Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the day after Thanksgiving.

Clinics / Hunter Paces / Official Hunt Trail Rides

Horse rental . . . . . $75.00

Shipping local. . . . . . . . $60.00

Entry Fee. . . . . . . Varies (approx. $65.00-$90.00)


Regular Training Board per Month $1095.00
Daily Board $60.00

Board Services

Training (per session) $65.00
Exercise (per session) $35.00
Search Horse / Pony Purchase $65.00
(plus expenses such as phone, gas, etc.)
Braiding $40.00
Pull Mane / Tail Trim $40.00
Deworming (every 8 weeks) $30.00


Clinics, Paces and Shows
Off Farm $80.00 per day
On Farm $30.00 per hour

Pony Club
Off Farm $45.00 per day
On Farm $20.00 per hour 

Summer Program

Full Day, Half Day, and Tiny Tots

See Schedule and Sign-Up for Current Pricing.

School Holiday Program

See Schedule and Sign-Up for Current Pricing.







Entry Costs:

Entry fees (sent in by rider with entry form and coggins test 6 weeks prior to the Event)
$75.00 - $120.00 plus stabling if the Event is an overnighter (approx)


$65.00 per day 4 or more students        $110.00 per day 3 or less students

Show Services:

Braiding $40.00    Horse rental $80.00/day     Van local $65.00
Groom $20.00/day (We often travel with a road groom who is in charge of the barn area and assisting to get ready.)
Van distance $1.30 per loaded mile (100 mile trip is $130.00)
*NOTE: At the two or three off-farm Events that attract lots of children we often organize a picnic for dinner Friday night so the children get to bed at a reasonable hour. It’s hard to get prompt service when 25 show up for dinner. Usually we reserve the rooms and then you transfer them to your own credit card when you check in. Tracie pays for any of the girls staying all in one room together and then bills you on your next monthly bill. YOU MUST LET TRACIE KNOW IF YOU WANT A ROOM RESERVED AND/OR IF YOU MUST CANCEL!


We bill all students between the 3rd and 7th of each month for the previous month’s riding and activities.

In an effort to go GREEN we are switching to e-mail billing. If you would like to still receive paper bills please let us know.

Please mail payments rather than hand delivery.

Per-lesson payments are acceptable. Please note that payments must be made at each lesson if using this method.

Any billing errors should be sent with a note of explanation regarding the mistake.