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Events must be pre-entered by 6 weeks, and only one rider is allowed on each horse per competition. The clipboard sign-up sheet in the main barn should be used to reserve a school horse for a specific event. (You must have Tracie’s approval before sending in any entry.)


A list of equipment needed is available from Tracie. This year we are going to quite a few local events in order to give first-timers a chance to experience an event without the expense of traveling.

The Cross-Country course is usually walked with Tracie the afternoon before the competition. It is recommended that you also walk it at least one more time by yourself in order to really know where you are going.

Please note that course walk times are usually written on the clipboard a few days before.

Events consist of three phases: Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium. Some Schooling Events hold combined tests which consist of Dressage and Stadium. You have an assigned time for each phase.


We wear “Horse Show” dress for Dressage and Stadium.
Cross-Country requires more safety gear for the horse and rider. Quite often Rivendell can provide most of it, but it is the rider's job to organize it according to the checklist provided.