I am a 12.3-hand Pinto. I am a relative newcomer, but I have a very quiet personality  — nothing bothers me. I am learning to be a great mount for small children to learn to handle and ride.

I am a very pretty bay mare. I’m 15.1 hands, but I am very wide, which I get from my draft horse dad. My mom was a little Morgan/Arab cross mare. I came from Utica. I am a very nice mover and really enjoy dressage. I like trail riding and hunter-pacing, too!

I am a 12.0-hand chestnut pony mare. I am very feisty and love to go fast and play games. I am a good jumper. I have learned to really be affectionate and love the people who take care of me.


Harry Trotter



I am a 15-hand, bay Quarter Horse gelding. I am very friendly. I can be counted on to do well eventing at Beginner Novice level. I like dressage and the dressage judges like me. I am very steady.

I am not eager to race around the cross-country course, although I always jump the jumps  — why hurry when you can just lope along and see the sights?! I enjoy being outside the ring for trail rides and hunter paces.

I am only 10 hands. I am a Pinto like my brother, but I am brown and white. My official position title at Rivendell Farm is "Mascot." Everyone says it’s because I am so cute and cuddly.

I am a 15.3-hand chestnut gelding. I am a registered Paint Horse, but you would never know it. That’s because my only white is the big blaze on the front of my face and the white socks on my, so I look 100% Quarter Horse!

I'm JackJack and I am 8 yrs old (we think).  I am a black warm blood cross gelding and stand 15.3 hands tall.  I came to Rivendell in August 2016 and i have been watching how everything is done here.  I'm in training and I am learning fast and try hard to do things right.  I love to jump and can't wait to go on hunter paces and trail rides with you. 






I am a feisty, 13.0-hand, dark-chestnut gelding with a flaxen mane and tail. I am part Hackney, so I like to trot. My favorite thing to do is jump. I love it when the kids get good enough to do jumper courses. I have won plenty of jumper classes.

I am a chestnut Shetland-cross mare of only 11.2-hands. I am a baby, so right now the more experienced riders are teaching me the ropes!

I am an 11-hand, Miniature black Pinto imported from Holland with my brother Harry. I love to do pony rides and beginner lessons. I have recently been learning to canter and jump, i never knew i had it in me!

I especially like all the treats people bring me.

I love all the attention I get at the lead line class at the Dutchess County Fair Horse Show. It’s such a great adventure!






I am a 14.3-hand, Paint-registered Pinto mare. I am very keen to jump and go cross-country with children who are ready to do so. I enjoy teaching beginners as well because they don’t have to do a lot of kicking to keep me trotting.

I came from Bloodstock Farm in Stanfordville, NY, to learn to be a lesson horse.

I am a 16.2-hand, chestnut Standardbred mare. Standardbreds are known for their level heads and level gaits, and I am showing everyone that that’s what they can expect from me.

I am very honest and very friendly. I really enjoy being ridden and learning everything I need to know.


I am the newest pony at rivendell. 

I am the newest pony at rivendell. 

{Not a Pony!}
I am a mini pot-bellied pig. Being a pig, I love life at the farm, meeting everyone, and eating. Also, seeing the horses and eating, watching everyone ride in lessons, rooting and grunting and eating, and of course – eating!