Rivendell recommends small groups (3-5) for an hour lesson as the best and most affordable way to learn. Most of the time it is beneficial to take a few half-hour private lessons to start and then work into a steady, convenient group either after school or on weekends.

Once the student has learned to tack up on their own, we offer practice sessions that are supervised, but not structured as a formal lesson, for additional riding time. Students are taken on trail rides by an instructor as soon as they are ready to control the animal outside the ring.

Lessons at Rivendell also include practical experience in caring for horses and tack. Experiences off the farm such as Horse Shows, Clinics, and Eventing are available once the instructor feels the student is ready for the challenge.


Rivendell provides everything the students need to get started. Hard hats are required and available in all shapes and sizes.

Students should wear long pants and either thick-soled sneakers or leather shoes. We recommend specific outfitting for students once they decide to purchase their own. A list outlining the necessary items and local tack shop discounts is available from the instructors.

Release Form:

All Rivendell students are required to fill out and submit a Release Form. An Information Form should also be submitted if a student attends Rivendell more than once.