Adult Camp 2015 Video

Before our Summer Program starts for the kids at the end of this month, we let the Adults have a week. They did a lot of the the same things including Dressage, Jumping, Cross Country, Games (bending poles and bucket drop is HARD), Drill Team (also knows as Pairs) as well as dismounted activities around the barn. Though I suspect their lunches were slightly fancier than PB&J and carrot sticks ;)

Just like our Children's Summer program the Adult program was tailored to suit each rider properly. On cross country day those not interested in being out in the wild stayed in the ring to perfect their dressage test.

In case you didn't notice, yes they where wearing coats in the indoor, yes this was in JUNE.

The first Video is HD, the second is the same film, just much smaller, it will load faster if you are trying to view this on your phone.