Rally Results and message from Michael

Thank you so much to all of those who helped make MPC's D Rally a big success--Trace and the rest of the Rivendell staff, judges (notably Caitlin Heller), MPC's tireless Jt DC's (Nancy and Vicki), parents, helpers from several Clubs, the stable managers, ponies, etc, etc. Even the weather, which could have been worse.

Though we don't do Rallies just for scores, here are some nevertheless:

Team/Rider Riding HM (place) Overall (place) 

Millbrook 104.1 34 (3) 168.1 (1) 

Kristina 25.8 (!!) 10 45.8 (1-El)
Stella 36.1 8 49.1 (2-El)
Margot 54.7 7 70.7 (3-Int)
Molly 42.2 1 (!!) 49.2 (2-Int) 

Millbrook/Running Fox 210 18 (2) 250 (3)

Kitty 112.2 6 123.2 (3-El)
Audrey 78.6 0 (!!!) 85.6 (Int-4)
Aliza 152.2 6 163.2 (El-4)
Izzy 38.9 3 46.9 (In-1)

Lakeville 149.3 4 (1)(!!) 191.3 (2)

Sydney 57.1 0 (!!!) 67.1 (2-PJ)
Jazmine 34.4 2 (!) 42.4 (1-PJ) 

Please keep in mind that getting from individual scores to team scores sometimes involves dropping some individual scores, and adding others, and rounding and other errors can creep in. 

Congratulations to all of our riders (and also to the stable managers and advisors who worked so hard to support them), who all did themselves, their parents and their Clubs proud. Though there were no perfect scores on the Written Test, Audrey and Sydney distinguished themselves with their HM scores of 0, zip, nada. Of course, stable managers help a lot in the HM scoring, and both Cassie (overall winner the past two years) and Justine (second overall last year) contributed a great deal to Lakeville's winning low HM score. Lakeville clearly is a tough act to follow in HM.

I hope that everyone takes a moment to reflect on what you learned today, what you were happiest about and what you would work on improving next time. If you a gold or red ribbon, and wanted a blue one, remember that ponies don't care about ribbons--they prefer carrots.

Those who are looking for a bit more of a challenge should consider participating in the NYUC Regional Eventing Rally on Sunday, June 26, at the Kent School. In fact, all are encouraged to attend, if only to cheer on your Club and see what a Regional Rally looks like. Rallies are the essence of Pony Club, and NYUC (your region) does them very well.

There were a lot of really good individual stories. Sydney showed great balance and strength in hanging on through a thrilling, though unintended, rodeo ride. Aliza took a tumble, but jumped right back on and learned a lot from the experience. Kristina had the biggest smile at the end of her XC ride. No one's spirits melted in the rain.

Best to all, and again many thanks to all those who pitched in so willingly.