StressLess Riding comes to Rivendell Riding Academy

I want to send a big thank you to Andrea for coming to Rivendell to share her StressLess Riding strategies. It was a beautiful Sunday morning as we gathered around the table to start our session with Andrea over breakfast by Linda. Andrea was delightful and well organized. She provided each of us with an outline of the topics she covered. She shared personal experiences and allowed each of us to do the same. Her ideas were well thought out and are universal; not just valid for riding.

During the afternoon mounted sessions we were able to practice our techniques. Andrea was flexible in helping us find the technique that worked for each of us. If it didn't work, we looked or one that did. Many of the riders that afternoon had great rides and felt that Andrea was a positive addition to our instruction. 

Several participants have already asked for Andrea to revisit us at Rivendell. I believe that her approach complimented Tracie’s instruction. I personally feel that Andrea was able to tap into a part of me that allowed Tracie to further my riding. Please take the time to speak to some of the participants, Andrea is not just for competitive riders. Her goal is to help us enjoy our rides by teaching strategies that will promote StressLess Riding. Andrea was most impressed that each Rivendell participant was well mounted. This we owe to Tracie as she is the best at what she does when it comes to pairing up horse and rider.  A big thanks to all the participants, Andrea, Tracie and Barbara, who made the day a success.

By Kelly A Lattin